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Why Choose Us For Your Exterior Painting Project? That’s Easy!

All paint, labor and materials are included in pricing that you’ll receive from us. Your quote is good for 2 colors.

If there is any unforeseen damage or repairs that need to be done, there may be an additional charge. This will be discussed with you before any work is done or invoicing occurs. Any deck, patio, awning, gates/fences, sheds, guest homes or areas not directly attached to home will be excluded unless otherwise discussed.

Once you confirm your booking with us, your pricing is locked In and ready to go!

Our crews travel all over the area. We primarily service the counties of of

Pierce, King, and Thurston.


Our Exterior Painting Process - Step 1 Prep

When we paint an exterior of a home, it needs to be properly treated before any paint is applied. By doing these things, we ensure quality work that lasts a long time.

Prepping activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Pressure washing @4000 psi

  • Scraping any loose or flaking paint

  • Caulking in all areas that have failed (powerhouse caulk)

  • Spot priming all areas in need of extra coverage (peel bond Rx)

  • Clean any areas of the home that have excessive dust, dirt, or cobwebs

Our Exterior Painting Process - Step 2 Protect

All areas that are not to be painted will be masked. While working in or on your home, we will use painters’ plastic, painters’ paper and drop cloths in larger areas that do not need to be detailed-masked off.

We do the masking process to keep paint where you want it and to prevent overspray from getting on your cars or windows etc.

Our Exterior Painting Process - Step 3 Paint

This is where the real transformation begins!

When it comes to exterior painting, we want your project to look good for years to come. This is why we ALWAYS give you two coats of paint.

To make sure that you receive the highest quality result, we use some of the best quality paint available. The paint’s name is “Super Paint Exterior”. Our paint, along with all other materials, are purchased at Sherwin Williams. We only use the best for our projects.

Our Exterior Painting Process - Step 4 Final Walkthrough

Once the exterior painting is complete, we will look for any touch ups needed. Then, we will clean up around your home. All trash will be cleaned up and removed. Any subsequent messes that were created by our team will also be cleaned at this time.

If you have leftover paint you get to keep that for future touch ups.

Since your satisfaction is guaranteed, you’ll walk through the entire project with your onsite project manager. We won’t leave until it meets your approval!

Exterior Painting Checklist

Want to start your project as quickly as possible? Make sure that you follows the next steps:

  1. Head to your local Sherwin Williams and choose your body color and trim colors (if your home is vinyl be sure to only choose vinyl safe colors)

  1. Try the color on the home to ensure this is the final choice we will not be able to change colors once paint is purchased

  1. Send your color choices to Kassie at least 10 days before start date

  1. Trim/cut back all bushes, trees, or vines on or close to the home if not possible we will try our best to work around them but cannot guarantee perfection

  1. Be sure all gates are either unlocked or easily accessible

  1. Please keep pets and children away from work area

  1. Be sure to move cars out of the driveway to avoid overspray

  1. Be sure to give Kassie or Ez the best number to call during a project

  1. Let us know where you’d like us to park our vehicles

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Pressure Washing Information

Pressure washing is typically done 2-7 days before prep and paint start

  1. You will want to move anything you don’t want wet, away from the home and stored in a safe (Pressure washing is done before painting)

  1. We ask you lock and close all windows the night before our arrival to ensure no water gets inside

  1. Have running water and allow our crew to access the hookups

  1. Place a towel under the front door to prevent any splashes of water from getting in

  1. Keep pets and children in a safe area as our crew is working, for their safety and ours

  1. Remove any wasp or bee nest to keep everyone safe if not possible please notify us ahead of time

  1. Trim/cut back all bushes, trees, or vines on or close to the home to allow us to do our best work

  1. Inform the crew if you have any outdoor plants that you cannot move so we can do our best to work around

What Is The Timeline That You Can Expect?

A common question that our clients ask all of the time is “How long is this going to take?”

Obviously, the project will vary with house size, project scope, weather and other factors. An average timeline typically is 1-3 days.

If the home need excessive repairs and prep work, the time would go up closer to 4-5 days. Typically, our crews have been able to knock out a very basic 2000 sq ft home, 1 color body with 2nd color for trim in in just 1-2 days!

Keep in mind, this does not include pressure washing.
The pressure washing tasks is usually done a few days before we come in to prep and paint. Pressure washing typically takes only a few hours if the house isn’t too dirty or has been cleaned/painted in the past 5 years.

For a trim only project, the timeline would be closer to 1-2 days, again depending on the size and other factors.

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have To Say!

"Highly recommend EZ’s Painting. They painted several of our interior rooms and detailed wood trim. The quality of work and attention to detail was excellent and all interactions with the business office and painters were friendly, prompt and professional. The team also did a thorough and careful job with the taping/tarping and end of day clean up, which we appreciated. We will use EZ again if/when the need comes up."

Melissa H.

Google Reviewer

"EZ Painting did an outstanding job on our exterior painting! Our whole house has been converted to a cohesive and beautiful home. It feels and looks brand new! They were responsive, communicative and professional the whole way through. I highly recommend their team and will use their services again! Their price was affordable and the results are stunning."

Lisa R.

Google Reviewer

"Me and my family hired EZ to paint the exterior of our home. Despite being the busy season, they were very responsive and communicative. There was no confusion during any of the process. The painting itself was done excellently. I am very happy with how it turned out. The workers were professional and detailed. Everything was cleaned up by the end of the job. The work turned out very well."

Jason P.

Google Reviewer

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