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Why Choose Us For Your Cabinet Painting Project? That’s Easy!

We use the best paint available, only at Sherwin Williams. “Emerald Urethane” is the name of this paint. Most projects are quoted for one single color with an extra white base. Any colors using a deep or ultra-deep base will cost an additional amount.

All paint, materials and labor are included in pricing. Any dark colors including black will cost more as there is more prep and cleanup involved for the EZ’s painting crew.*

Our crews travel all over the area. We primarily service the counties of of

Pierce, King, and Thurston.


Our Cabinet Painting Process - Step 1 Prep

We ask that you have all large furniture including stove, fridge, and anything else within 4 feet of cabinets or anything being painted to be moved before we begin working. As much as we would love to help move your belongings it is a liability, and we want to keep your belongings safe.

We will degrease your cabinets one side at a time, we use special cleaner called tsp to remove all the years of grease and buildup on your cabinets to allow the paint to adhere properly.

Once degreased we will allow to air dry.

We will sand each door and drawer face one side at a time (and base).

We dust in between sanding with a paint brush to ensure all dust is removed and wipe with damp cloth.

Once all items are clean, degreased, sanded, and dusted clean.

Our Cabinet Painting Process - Step 2 Prime

Let’s start with priming!!

You get Two solid coats of primer. We use high grade oil-based primer.

We prime one side at a time allow air drying time in between.

We then flip and do the other side (including priming of base).

We then sand everything that had been primed to get the wood nice and smooth before painting.

Once everything is sanded for a second time we dust and remove all sand dust, and anything left behind.

Next, we caulk all cracks and seams and fill any imperfections to create that smooth, clean look.

Our Cabinet Painting Process - Step 3 Paint

When all caulk is dry, we start to paint!

You will get 2x coats of Emerald Urethane.

One side at a time we use high quality paint!

We do have to allow time in between all coats for proper drying this will give the best results.

Once first coat is painted, we allow to dry and then sand once more this is the final time we sand. We remove all debris and dust from cabinets.

Final coat! The last coat is the thing that brings all our hard work together once we spray the final coat this will seal and complete your newly painted cabinets.

Our Cabinet Painting Process - Step 4 Clean Up

We want your space to look even better then it did before!

We will start by carefully removing all the tape, plastic, and paper we used to cover everything. Once the larger pieces of materials are taken down, we will look for all smaller pieces of tape and anything that may have been missed for tape stuck to anything we use a thin blade to help remove it. The tape we used is meant for painting and should not leave any residue.

Next, we do paint clean up. We will go around the work area with a cleaner called Krud Kutter. This cleaner will help us remove any specks of paint throughout the workspace. If we find any spots of stubborn paint, we gently scrape it up with a thin blade.

All used materials will be gathered and put in large contractor garbage bag and taken off site to be disposed properly. We then wipe all countertops and surfaces to remove any dust created by the paint. Before we leave, we will sweep the entire work areas and vacuum or mop if needed.

All that will be left is your fabulous newly painted kitchen!

Why Should You Trust Our Cabinet Painting Process?

We only use Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane (the highest quality paint).

We allow 24 hours at least to dry before using them if (you have questions let us know).

We guarantee a long-lasting high-quality finish!! 💯

Year warranty on all labor.

Lifetime warranty on paint!

Please be gentle with your cabinets for at least 14 days (about 2 weeks) to allow time for curing of your paint.

What Is the Timeline That You Can Expect From Us?

A common question that we get asked all of the time is how long a cabinet painting project will take.

Kitchen, bathroom and any indoor cabinetry will take a minimum of 3- 5 days and can take longer depending on size of cabinets and how many areas are being painted. When doing a typical sized kitchen, a common timeline is about one week or 7 days.

With bigger projects (like full home cabinetry painting such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen and more), you can expect this to take up to two full weeks from start to finish.

Another thing to consider is color. Colors that have more pigment, such as very bright, very dark, and two-toned colors, will add on more time.

Tips To Prepare For Your Project

How can you best prepare to work with us?

Clear off all countertops and move all large appliances, like fridge and stove.
They must be at least 6-8 feet from our work area, We ask this because our employees will need to get into some areas at certain angles and such.

We will take over the dining and kitchen area for the time we’re in your home, likely 1 week. Be sure to set up somewhere you can access snacks/food away from this area. We always recommend this because the work area will be dusty if you have a microwave.

We know it’s uncomfortable for the week we’re there, but the cabinets will come out beautiful. Also note, there will be a smell of paint and the primer. There will be plastic put up to keep as much dust in the dining /kitchen area.

If you have any babies or fur babies, please keep them in a well-ventilated area away from the workspace for their safety. Our crew is used to working with these products, but you never know how it affects others, so we do recommend staying as far from the work area with an open window and a fan just in case.

Transport Information

We do not take cabinets off site, we paint them in your home. We have spray racks where we hang the cabinets to paint them, we paint them by spraying with a fine finish sprayer.

By painting the cabinets, we are saving time, money and preventing the risk of any damage that can occur during transport.

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"Highly recommend EZ’s Painting. They painted several of our interior rooms and detailed wood trim. The quality of work and attention to detail was excellent and all interactions with the business office and painters were friendly, prompt and professional. The team also did a thorough and careful job with the taping/tarping and end of day clean up, which we appreciated. We will use EZ again if/when the need comes up."

Melissa H.

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"EZ Painting did an outstanding job on our exterior painting! Our whole house has been converted to a cohesive and beautiful home. It feels and looks brand new! They were responsive, communicative and professional the whole way through. I highly recommend their team and will use their services again! Their price was affordable and the results are stunning."

Lisa R.

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"Me and my family hired EZ to paint the exterior of our home. Despite being the busy season, they were very responsive and communicative. There was no confusion during any of the process. The painting itself was done excellently. I am very happy with how it turned out. The workers were professional and detailed. Everything was cleaned up by the end of the job. The work turned out very well."

Jason P.

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